AED Foundation to offer high school equipment aptitude test

In an effort to give 13- to 17-year-olds a way to test their desire to enter the equipment industry, the AED Foundation has created a Construction Career Aptitude Test.

The test, says the Foundation, would “allow students the opportunity to see where they stand before committing to an industry program. Students can then make an informed decision on their career path through the industry by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.”

The 50-question test addresses various topics, including measurement, mechanical reasoning, general mathematics and basic electrical concepts. Students can access the test through their educational organizations.

“The Construction Career Aptitude Test offers organizations the first look at students’ understanding of the industry,” says Jason Blake, executive vice president of the AED Foundation. “This test provides in-depth insight and benchmarking data on a student’s starting point that will provide organizations with the knowledge needed to help each student excel.”

Morooka intros largest U.S.-built rotating crawler dumper, the MST-3000VDR

Morooka continues to expand its rotating crawler carrier lineup, with a model that the company says has the largest payload of any rotating tracked dumper built in the United States.

The new MST-3000VDR also represents Morooka’s largest rotating crawler dumper built in the United States, the company says. It recently rolled out of the Japan-based company’s plant in Ashland, Virginia, boasting a payload of 36,000 pounds. (The company plans to introduce an even larger rotating dumper next year, the MST-4000VDR, which the company says will be “the largest rotator on the market.” It will be built in Japan, the company says, and have a payload capacity of 39,683 pounds.)

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