How to Identify Pest Infestation

Sharing a home with pests not only denies you peace but pets can also be a major cause of serious diseases. If you can you detect pests in your house, don’t hesitate to visit for pest control services. It is important to learn how to detect pests because some pests are so tiny or they know how to hide, therefore, you might not see them. If you suspect you have pests in your home or office, look out for these signs.

Dirty build-up

Signs of a Pest Infestation and How to Respond Immediately ...

Every pest has the tendency of causing a mess. Many pests like dark places that are also humid. Start by inspecting your attic or basement. Look around the corners, on the walls, under furniture, on the ceiling, and on the window frames. You might find food remains, hair or dirt smudges. These are early signs of pest infestation that can be hard to detect. You should look closely and take some time surveying for such signs.

Foul Smells

Pests do everything wrong! For instance they leave their droppings and food everywhere. The food that is left over will get stale after some time and start smelling. The droppings also have a foul smell. Pests can also enhance the food- rotting process since they bite through airtight containers which will go stale after exposure.


Luckily, pests do not have great hygiene routines. Pests leave their droppings and everything else. Look for pet droppings in the pest-attractive areas to identify if your house is pest-infested. The type of droppings will help you identify the type of peats that you have. Spiders create webs for hunting their prey therefore when you see a spider’s web, look for any other left overs that can indicate the presence of other types of pests. If you notice these signs, pest infestation could be the culprit.