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AGV helmets are renown by most motorcycle rider. Perhaps because they are worn by Valentino Rossi, the world’s greatest rider motorcycle rider. These helmets have a variety of designs and colors with aa logo, 46 imprinted on them. They rarely go unnoticed when worn by any rider. The agv helmets go way back to the 1940’s and have a lot of history. However, this company did not start off as a manufacturer of helmets.

This company was started in 1946 by Amisano Gino. It started as a manufacturer of leather seats and designing of leather bike saddles. In 1947, they initiated the manufacture of motorcycle helmets to provide safety to motorcycle riders. During this period helmets had never been manufacture before, it was a completely new product in the market. Amisano Gino and his partners began experimenting in an effort of coming up with something innovative. They created the AGV helmets which grew popular very fast. The helmets were then introduced in the racing world due to high demand of specialized and innovative helmet designs. The company continued working hard to offer helmets with better components and designs.

In 1949, the AGV helmets took the topmost position the market setting their own record. They made extreme efforts to come up with a helmet design that has never been produce before. It was in this very year that they manufactured their first leather shelled helmet with an open face. This was the very first iconic leather helmet to be made which other companies later copied. In 1953, a chain of development was initiated by the first fiberglass vulcanized helmet. This was the source of helmets that are recognized today. In the following year, a completely made fiberglass open faced helmet was made and it was exquisite.

The development of this new helmet on the market led to a tremendous growth of the AGV company. The company was then requested to make downhill ski helmet that was to be used in the down ski 1km seed record. They did an exceptional work and made one of the finest downhill ski helmets for this specific sport. Tremendous success on the ski helmet enabled them to transfer their skills completely into the motorcycle industry. The company has now grown so much that it is the blueprint of helmets in the current motorcycle market.

The marketing of the AGV helmets is still ongoing though advertisements conducted by helmets used in motor racing. This helmets are a guarantee of safety. They have ensured the safety of various motorcycle riding champions for many years. Some of these champions are, the legendary Valentino Rossi, Max Baiggi, Troy Coeser and many more. In the 1970’s the AGV company started mass production of helmets to meet the aggressive market demand of their unique products.

AGV has been a prominent manufacturer the motorcycle helmets for many decades now. This has been the case because they seek to satisfy customer needs and offer comfort at the same time. Their products are unique, stylish and most importantly road friendly. Purchasing an AGV helmet is more of investing in the world’s best helmet that will offer you service for the longest time possible.