Three Techniques to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea utilised to be the way that absolutely everyone enjoyed the beverage. The leaves would settle in the bottom of the cup, and drinkers would leave an inch of loose leaves at the bottom of their cup, so as not to swallow the soggy leaves, in 1908, Thomas Sullivan created the very first tea bags by packaging the tea leaves in silk muslin bags. The make shift “tea bags” exploded in recognition, and became the preferred way to drink by the 1950s. By 2007, the bags made up 97% of the marketplace.

Not too long ago, loose leaf tea has regained recognition with a vengeance. Avid drinkers proclaim its superior top quality to its bagged counterpart. Loose leaves are normally fresher, as it has a shorter shelf life than bagged tea. Loose leaf comes with a rich flavor that can be adjusted to your preferred strength.

There are a number of techniques to brew loose leaf tea. Here are 3 that make scrumptious final results, cup right after cup.

1. Use tea balls. loose fruit tea to that of bagged tea, tea balls are reusable holders for loose leaf tea. Tea balls can be purchased at virtually any kitchen or dwelling appliances retailer, for a fairly affordable price. The ball must be filled about three quarters of the way with loose leaf tea. There ought to be plenty of room for the tea to expand and unfurl. Pour hot water into a pot, and enable the tea to steep for two to three minutes, based on your strength preference.

2. Use an Infuser. Like the balls, the infuser enables you to add the preferred quantity of leaves just before putting it in the pot or mug. Insert the leaves into the scoop, and then clasp it collectively once again. Fill a mug or pot with hot water, and steep the infuser for two to 3 minutes. Quite a few tea pots can be purchased with constructed-in infusers, making this version of loose leaf tea rather easy.

3. Use a strainer. Brew a pot with about 2 tablespoons of loose leaves. Enable them to brew freely in the pot, with no any sort of ball or infuser. This will give the tea a robust, distinctive flavor. When you are ready to pour, merely hold a tea strainer above your tea cup to filter out any tea leaves. The result: a complete, flavorful cup of tea without the need of the inconvenience of loose leaves in your cup.