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What are the Best Tinnitus Remedies?

For the millions of people that suffer from tinnitus it can be frustrating to find a cure. Many times these individuals will go to their Ear Nose Throat Doctor hoping to find relief. But relief is not always found there. A lot of doctors don’t know the best way to treat tinnitus, and they will send the patient on his way and tell him to learn to live with it. But if you have ever had severe tinnitus you know that living with it can be quite difficult. However, you can get tinnitus relief by taking the initiative to learn about the best tinnitus remedies out there.Image result for Ear Nose Throat Doctor

There have been numerous studies performed on a variety of herbal supplements and vitamins and the effect they have on tinnitus. Since tinnitus is caused by various underlying conditions you may have to experiment with a few different supplements until you find one that works for you.

So how do you know what to look for when you are searching for the best tinnitus remedies? There are a few supplements that stand out when it comes to treating ringing in the ears. Let’s take a closer look at these supplements.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a plant extract that has been used for many years to treat cognitive defects and reduced alertness. This extract has been studied extensively for its effect  on the symptoms of tinnitus. Research has proven that Ginkgo Biloba can reduce or even alleviate tinnitus and dizziness. Part of the theory behind the success of this plant is that it can thin the blood. This will increase blood flow to the brain and other major organs. Some individuals who suffer from tinnitus do so because of decreased blood flow to the ear. Therefore, Ginkgo Biloba can be one of the best tinnitus remedies for this group of people.

B Vitamins

Studies have proven that those who are deficient in B vitamins can develop tinnitus. Various studies on the B vitamins have proven that these vitamins can greatly reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. For those who are severely deficient in vitamin B12, supplementing with a B complex vitamin can alleviate the ringing in the ears. The reason why these supplements may work so well is that B vitamins can stabilize the nerves. This can be a great tinnitus remedy for the elderly who may have this condition due to auditory nerve weakness or damage.


Research has proven there is a large amount of zinc in the inner ear. Some individuals that suffer from tinnitus will have low levels of zinc in their system. Therefore, one of the best tinnitus remedies for this group of people is to supplement their diets with zinc every day. Studies have proven that those tinnitus sufferers who were zinc deficient obtained relief by taking a zinc supplement.

These are just a small portion of the vitamins and supplements that have been used for tinnitus remedies. If you can find a supplement that contains all the ones listed above along with a few more you may have found your cure for ringing in the ears.

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